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"No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it." - Albert Einstein

"No learning is acquired by anyone unless he wants to learn it, and believes in some way that he needs it." - A Course in Miracles

The problem with having opinions & beliefs is that nobody can know the truth, or the next level of truth, as long as they think they already know the truth.


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Friday, May 16, 2008

Meditate on This

Silence of mind precludes the thinking activities of the mind.
Stillness precludes motion.
Formlessness precludes mental concepts of form.
No-Mind dwells prior to active mind.
Voidness precludes perceptions.
The Unmanifest lies beyond the manifest.
The Unseen resides ahead of the seen.
The Ungraspable lies beyond knowledge.
The Non-Definable precludes definitions.
The Undetectable subsists previous to the observable.
The Unmeasurable rests beyond the reach of science.
Changeless Existence precludes evolutionary change.
Shapeless Reality precludes the physical world.
The Uncreated precludes creation.
No-Thing exists before something.
The Unborn is beyond birth and death.
The Uncaused is beyond being affected.
Essence precludes substance.
Emptiness exists prior to space.
Non-locality underlies location.
Non-duality resides beyond duality.
The All precludes individuality.
Infinity is beyond all limitations.
The Absolute lies beyond relatives/relativity.
One underlies the many.
Source is the foundation of life.
The Self precludes notions of self.

Consciousness precludes mentation.
Awakeness precedes erudition.
A subtle intuitiveness lies before notions and ideas.
An innate comprehension resides prior to intellectualizing.
Epiphanies dwell prior to conceptualizing.
Insight lies in advance of perceiving.
All-Knowing Awareness precludes thinking.

No thoughts preclude thoughts of "me", "myself", "mine", and "I".
A selfless state precludes the self.
Selflessness precludes selfish thought and behaviour.
Humility exists previous to ego, vanity, and righteousness.
Full-blown acceptance exists before the formation of judgements.
Truth dwells beyond opinions and beliefs.
Love precludes self-indulgence.
Ecstatic Bliss precludes emotions.
Ineffable Joy precludes negativity.
Profound Peace lies before "you".

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