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"No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it." - Albert Einstein

"No learning is acquired by anyone unless he wants to learn it, and believes in some way that he needs it." - A Course in Miracles

The problem with having opinions & beliefs is that nobody can know the truth, or the next level of truth, as long as they think they already know the truth.


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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reversing Disease Naturally

When you realize that the human body/mind is a community of trillions of individually living cells,
When you come to understand that those cells are literally made of natural fats, proteins, sugars, cholesterol, etc.,
When you learn about the role that vitamins and minerals play in the body/mind/cells,
When you comprehend that our cells are at all times in a state of repair, regeneration, rebuilding and healing,
When you know that the body is an incredibly efficient self-healing mechanism when honored as such,
When you understand that physical, emotional, and energetic stress on the cells is what prevents the body from healing,
When you see that all degenerative diseases are the result of stress on the cells of the body,
It becomes very apparent that organic nutrition (and positive peaceful emotions) is the treatment and cure for virtually all degenerative health problems, ailments, and diseases, of the body and mind, including cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, schizophrenia, depression, headaches, aches & pains, allergies, vision loss, lyme disease, etc.

But the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry and food companies don't want you to know that. And legally, nobody is allowed to use the word "cure" unless it refers to a pharmaceutical drug.

The body is in a constant state of regeneration (healing), but its ability to do that more effectively depends upon us letting go of the stressful negatives in our lifestyle.

A clean natural diet free of unnatural substances like artificial sweeteners, colors, dyes, plastics, heavy metals, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, highly processed, modified, and altered foods, etc., will provide amazing all-encompassing results for you. Forget about "low fat", "low cholesterol", calorie counting diets. Ignore the fads. Natural organic nutrition has been very successful at supporting life for millions of years. And don't eat soy. That's just another highly successful advertising scheme that even a great deal of the natural health food companies fell for. It's been shown very clearly to mess with estrogen and thyroid functioning, among other things. Asian cultures ferment their soy which breaks down the harmful molecules, but the soy used in western foods isn't put through this process.

What you need is a pure organic all-in-one whole food nutrient product that gives the body literally everything it needs to heal itself of pretty much anything. Myself, I've been using FrequenSea on a daily basis for over 3 years now, and this product for over 1 year, for general health and vitality purposes.

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