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Friday, February 05, 2010

A More Accurate Bible

Misquoting JesusThe book "Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why" takes a close academic look at the Bible by going back to the original writings, which were written in the ancient Aramaic language. By doing this, the author, Bart Ehrman, discovers an astounding amount of errors, flaws and discrepancies in the Greek and English translations that we have been reading, studying and practicing for centuries.

He then goes on to explain the many reasons why there are so many mistakes, but his book was written primarily to explain these "why's", and it's by no means a new translation of the entire Bible. Far from it.

Fortunately for us there was a man named George Lamsa.

But before we get to Lamsa's work, we should understand that the many books included in the Bible weren't written until several decades, or even a century or two after the fact, often by anonymous random people who never even witnessed the teachings firsthand. Thus, the recorded accuracy of what was originally taught is highly questionable, but despite this it's obvious that the Bible still has some very important teachings in it.

So, despite the many flaws and errors that are contained in the Bible, we still want to read it to improve our lives.

While it's pretty much impossible to know what the exact words and teachings of Jesus and the various Saints were, we have to work with what we have, and what we have is the "original" texts written in Aramaic.

Holy Bible: From the Ancient Eastern TextUnbeknownst to most people, there was a man named George M. Lamsa that translated the entire Aramaic Bible directly into the English language! Naturally, it's far more accurate than the versions that have been translated into Greek, and then later into English, by people who sometimes had hidden intentions and agendas.

If you enjoyed the immensely popular "Misquoting Jesus", "The Holy Bible: From the Ancient Eastern Text" is a perfect compliment to it. You could say that Ehrman gave us step one by explaining that our Bible does indeed have flaws, and Lamsa gave us step two by giving us a proper translation, except Lamsa's Bible has been available since 1985 while Ehrman's book is only 2 years old.

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